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Latest Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh 2024

Feature Phone

Button Phones:

Features phones or Button phones were the first released phones in the history of the Mobile phone world. These phones are used just for making phone calls and sending SMS. This phone has unique features like polyphonic ringtones. Luckily, in the Nokia button phones, there was an option where people could Create polyphonic ringtones and save them as a Ringtone. Remember your favorite Song as a ringtone? Great, Nostalgic…
Although these phones didn’t have most features like cameras, Videos, HD games, GPS, and browsers, these phones were quite expensive. Poor people of Bangladesh weren’t able to buy it. Nokia upgraded those with great features like Games, Java, Internet browsing, and Camera.

Why Buy Feature Phones?

Now, those days are gone. Most Button phones have Cameras, Internet browsing, Games, Java, FM Radio, MP3, MP4, Videos, microSD card slots, Dual SIM, etc. Nowadays, even 3G and 4G button phones are also available, which support Facebook, WhatsApp messages, and browsing the internet fasting. Although this is the era of Android smartphones, Most people still want to buy these kinds of regular phones, Bar or button phones, for simply making a call and text message.

Nokia button Mobile price in Bangladesh

Nokia was the Number one mobile phone manufacturing company in the world. The Nokia 1100 was one of the best-selling button phones in Bangladesh and worldwide. Now, they are trying to gain the market again. The old Nokia  3310 is also a famous button phone in Mobile phone history. So, Nokia returned in 2017 with a new design, the Nokia 3310. This phone has the Snake game, some old Polyphonic ringtones, and some improving features. All people love their features: phones for durability, Ease of use, Great battery backup, Great sound quality, and the best of features. Some of these keypad phones have a 4G connection, and you always find the best camera features in a phone. If you want the best Nokia phones under 5000 taka, a features phone is the only option.
The Nokia 2720 flip phone is the only Folding phone now in Bangladesh.

Samsung button mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung is the number one Mobile phone brand nowadays. They produced Galaxy smartphones for low to high-budget consumers. Do you want to buy Samsung mobile prices under 5,000 in Bangladesh? Then Samsung keypad mobile price in Bangladesh is only your choice. Like Nokia, they also produce high-quality button phones with great features but affordable prices. Samsung Guru phone series is one of the best-selling keypad phones in Bangladesh, even worldwide.

Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh

Suppose your budget is more than 1500 Taka. In that case, we always recommend buying feature phones from Nokia or Samsung brands for their reputation with the imposing build quality, stylish design, long battery life, and comfortable holding in your hand. Otherwise, you may pick a features phone from Symphony, Walton, Lava, or itel brand. They are also quite popular in the feature phones industry. If your budget is less than 1000 taka, ask your salesman for a recommendation. Always see full specification features such as camera, Battery backup, Bluetooth, Java, GPS, FM Radio, etc.

Most Popular Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh

Top 10 Features PhonesOfficial Price
1. Nokia 8000 4G৳8,999 – 4GB
2. Nokia 6310 (2021)৳5,499
3. Nokia 225 4G৳4,199
4. Nokia 110 4G৳3,799
5. Nokia 105 4G ৳3,099
6. Nokia 150 (2020)৳3,499
7. Nokia 3310৳5,999
8. Nokia 110 (2019)৳2,750
9. Nokia 106 (2018)৳1,849
10. Nokia 105 (2019)৳1899
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