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Our Goal:

MobileDor.com wants to be Bangladesh’s most trusted and up-to-date mobile phone info site. MobileDor aims to inform visitors about the latest phone specifications, news, and reviews.

About Our Service:

Here, you will find Bangladesh’s latest and upcoming mobile phone prices and specifications. We always look for the latest and coming soon devices from more than 32 different mobile phone brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, vivoApple, Symphony, Walton, OnePlus, Google Phone, Huawei, LG, etc. We added different smartphone gadgets such as smartwatches, smart bands, earphones, headphones, and other devices needed for a smartphone.

Our Smartphone Price Range filter will help you to find smartphones that fit your budget. Also, find your desired smartphone, feature phone, tab, or smartwatch with our robust search engine within a click.

We promise to provide up-to-date information about the latest top phones of Bangladesh with not only the Official price but also the Unofficial price, which is available at different mobile shops in Bashundhara CityJamuna Future Park, etc.



So why should you visit MobileDor’s?

MobMobileDor’she is the only Website that provides both Official and Unofficial prices in Bangladesh, and we also offer the Advantages and disadvantages of a phone (that means – you will know Why you should buy this phone and why you should not). We also try to add a video review to give you the best information for a smartphone that will help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

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We also made an Android app for you to find a smartphone smartly. Please download our Android apps on Google Play by clicking the link or searching MobileDor on the Play Store and enjoy!! Don’t forget to review our app. Please don’t share it with your friends to help them find the best device that suits them.

About Our Disclaimer:

MobileDor.com shows the Mobile prices in Bangladesh after doing proper market research in Bangladesh. For most of the brands, we offer showroom prices. However, some brands do not have showrooms in Bangladesh, e.g., One Plus, Motorola, Infinix, etc., where we show prices from popular local or trusted online shops. We also provide Unofficial prices from trusted mobile shops in Bashundhara CityJamuna Future Park, etc. However, the price may decrease over time, and the price may vary from shop to shop. We try to update the prices from authorized shops at least twice a week. But we do not guarantee you can find the devices at the same price in a mobile shop in your residence area.

We Don’t sell any Mobile Phones; we haveDon’thowroom. MobileDor is just a Website providing prices & specifications for Mobile phones in Bangladesh. To know more, visit the Showroom location in Bangladesh.

We also do not guarantee that smartphones’ specifications are 100% accurate. MobileDor collects most of the specifications from the official site of each brand or trusted online sources like GSMarena. Some photo credits go to all official sites and GsmArena. So, If you see any mistakes or copyright issues on our website, you can mail us at mobiledor(dot)com(at)gmail(dot)com. We will remove those items immediately.

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