Nokia Mobile Price In Bangladesh

Find the latest list of Nokia mobile prices in Bangladesh with full Specifications and reviews. Nokia is one of the most well-known mobile phone brands in the world and Bangladesh. So let us know the Nokia Mobile Phone Price, Specification, News, and Reviews in Bangladesh 2024 according to its latest release date.

Best Top Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Best Nokia Phones Official Price BD
1. Nokia G21 BDT 12,999 4|64 GB
2. Nokia 3.4 BDT 14,999 4|64 GB
3. Nokia G20 BDT 12,499 4|64 GB
4. Nokia G10 BDT 12,499 4|64 GB
5. Nokia C2 2nd Edition BDT 4,499 2|32 GB

Cheapest Nokia Smartphones in Bangladesh

Nokia cheapest Phone Official Price BD
1. Nokia C2 2nd Edition BDT 4,499 2|32 GB

Best Nokia Button Phone in Bangladesh

Nokia feature Phone list Official Price BD
1. Nokia 8000 4G BDT 8,999
2. Nokia 225 4G BDT 4,199
3. Nokia 110 4G BDT 3,899
4. Nokia 110 2022 BDT 3,099
5. Nokia 105 4G 2023 BDT 3,099

Latest all Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Latest International

Nokia 2780 Flip Bangladesh

Nokia 2780 Flip

BDT 10999 (Approx)
Nokia X30 Bangladesh

Nokia X30

BDT 44999 (Approx)
Nokia G60 Bangladesh

Nokia G60

BDT 33999 (Approx)
Nokia C31 Bangladesh

Nokia C31

BDT 13999 (Approx)
Nokia T21 Bangladesh

Nokia T21

BDT 27999 (Approx)
Nokia G400 Bangladesh

Nokia G400

BDT 13999 (Approx)
Nokia T10 Bangladesh

Nokia T10

BDT 18999 (Approx)
Nokia 2760 Flip Bangladesh

Nokia 2760 Flip

BDT 6999 (Approx)
Nokia G11 Plus Bangladesh

Nokia G11 Plus

BDT 39999 (Approx)
Nokia C200 Bangladesh

Nokia C200

BDT 6999 (Approx)
Nokia C100 Bangladesh

Nokia C100

BDT 5999 (Approx)
Nokia C21 Plus Bangladesh

Nokia C21 Plus

BDT 14999 (Approx)


Nokia 2720 Flip Bangladesh

Nokia 2720 Flip

BDT 7,999
Nokia 2.2 Bangladesh

Nokia 2.2

BDT 10,999 2/16 GB BDT 11,999 3|32 GB
Nokia 3.2 Bangladesh

Nokia 3.2

BDT 13,499 3|32 GB
Nokia 4.2 Bangladesh

Nokia 4.2

BDT 13,999 3|32 GB
Nokia 210 Bangladesh

Nokia 210

BDT 3,085
Nokia 9 PureView Bangladesh

Nokia 9 PureView

BDT 58,990 
Nokia X71 Bangladesh

Nokia X71

BDT 28,990
Nokia 106 2018 Bangladesh

Nokia 106 2018

BDT 2,199
Nokia 8.1 Bangladesh

Nokia 8.1

BDT 44,000 4|64 GB
Nokia 5.1 Plus Bangladesh

Nokia 5.1 Plus

BDT 21,990 3|32 GB
Nokia 3.1 Plus Bangladesh

Nokia 3.1 Plus

BDT 18,500 3|32 GB
Nokia 1 Plus Bangladesh

Nokia 1 Plus

BDT 6,999 

About Nokia Mobile Price In Bangladesh

Nokia Mobile Bangladesh

The Finnish company Nokia is one of the largest Mobile manufacturing companies in the world. Before 2010, people could not think of a feature or smartphone without Nokia. Every year, they make the top-selling Phone in the all-around world.

Nokia Smartphones & Their History

Nokia produces the highest number of mobile phones in the world. In the year between 1990-2000, they make many innovative features phones worldwide. Probably, their build quality made them The one brand. So people, why buy Nokia?
The simple answer is you should buy a Nokia phone because this is Nokia. Nokia 1100, 1110, 1200, N8, 2600, E71, 6610, 6630, and N70 are market killer devices from the Nokia brand.

In 2006, they produced a Symbian Smartphone(probably 1st smartphone on the market) called the Nokia N series. People were always excited about a new N series phone. Nokia N70, N73, N85, N93, N95, and N98 were excellent phones in the era of 1st Smartphone market.

However, after launching the Android operating system, Nokia lost its market because Android offers more features and apps for free. For the reason Nokia launched the Lumia series, It was pretty popular, but this project could not win because Android Smartphones offer more affordable prices with decent features.
The Nokia X Family, the first three Android devices from this brand, also became unsuccessful despite Nokia’s substantial Brand value.

The Comeback of the Nokia Android Era

Nokia ultimately came back in the Android era after launching the Nokia 3, 5, and 6, along with a feature phone, Nokia 3310. The low-budget smartphone Nokia 1 is introduced in the year of 2018. Nokia 7 Plus, 8.1, 6.1 plus, and 8.3 5G are significant announcements essential in their existence in the smartphone market.

The Nokia Mobile Price In Bangladesh

With the emotion and Love for the Nokia brand, people are repurchasing the Nokia phone. With some innovative specifications at a decent price, Nokia gained its brand equity and value again. The Nokia 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and other smartphones are well-known in Bangladesh. Nokia 7 Plus is a mid-range budget market killer smartphone. This page is about the Nokia Mobile Price In Bangladesh in 2024.

The new Nokia 3310 is the most attractive feature phone in the market. It also released other phone features that achieved Love from its consumers for their robust build quality and long battery backup.

The Nokia 9 pure-view will be another flagship device in smartphone history with five back cameras.

Now, the Nokia button mobile price in Bangladesh

Nokia was the Number one mobile phone manufacturing company in the world. The Nokia 1100 was one of the best-selling button phones in Bangladesh and worldwide. Let me know about the Nokia Mobile prices in Bangladesh.
Now, they are trying to gain the market again. The old Nokia  3310 is also a famous button phone in Mobile phone history. So, Nokia returned in 2017 with a new design, the Nokia 3310. This Phone has the Snake game, some old Polyphonic ringtones, and some improving features.

All people love their features: phones for durability, Ease of use, Great battery backup, Great sound quality, and the best of features. Some of these keypad phones have a 4G connection, and you always find the best camera features in a Phone. If you want the best Nokia phones under 5000 taka, a features phone is the only option.
The Nokia 2720 flip phone is the only Folding Phone now in Bangladesh.

Regular Updates for Nokia Mobile Price In Bangladesh

Here at MobileDor, we try to update our database with new mobile phones and their prices as soon as they are released or updated their new price list. So on this page, check all the latest and top Nokia Mobile Prices in Bangladesh 2024 with official and unofficial prices. Be sure to use the updated prices, complete specifications, Reviews, and Ratings from the Nokia mobile phone brand.

List of latest Nokia Mobile Prices in Bangladesh 2024

Nokia Mobile Phone List Latest Official Price BD
1. Nokia 106 2023 BDT 2,199
2. Nokia 105 4G 2023 BDT 3,099
3. Nokia 105 2023 BDT 2,300
4. Nokia 110 2022 BDT 3,099
5. Nokia C2 2nd Edition BDT 4,499 2|32 GB
6. Nokia G21 BDT 12,999 4|64 GB
7. Nokia 110 4G BDT 3,899
8. Nokia G20 BDT 12,499 4|64 GB
9. Nokia G10 BDT 12,499 4|64 GB
10. Nokia 8000 4G BDT 8,999

Updated on: April 2024

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