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Discover the Latest vivo all Phone Prices in Bangladesh 2024
When it comes to mobile phone choices in Bangladesh, vivo reigns supreme. Renowned for its innovation and sleek designs, vivo consistently delivers cutting-edge technology.

If you’re searching for the most up-to-date vivo mobile phone prices in Bangladesh for 2024, you’re in the right place. We don’t just furnish you with the latest prices; we also provide comprehensive specifications, news, and reviews.

Top 10 vivo Phones in Bangladesh 2024: Official Prices

Let’s dive straight into the top Vivo smartphones available in Bangladesh this year:

Best Phones in vivoOfficial Price BD
1. vivo X80 5G ৳79,999 12|256 GB
2. vivo V29৳56,999 12|256 GB
3. vivo V27৳54,999 12|256 GB
4. vivo V29e৳36,999 8|256 GB
5. vivo V27e৳34,999 8|256 GB
6. vivo Y36৳24,999 8|128 GB
7. vivo Y22s ৳22,999 6|128 GB
8. vivo Y27৳20,999 6|128 GB
9. vivo Y27s৳22,999 8|128 GB
10. vivo Y17s৳14,499 4|128 GB
৳15,999 6|128 GB

List of latest all vivo Mobile Prices in Bangladesh 2024:

All Vivo Phone Official Rates

Looking for more options? Explore our comprehensive list of official vivo mobile prices in Bangladesh:

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Unofficial vivo Phone Prices

For those considering unofficial options, here are the prices for unofficial vivo phones in Bangladesh:

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International vivo Mobiles

Stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on upcoming Vivo mobiles:

Discontinued (Old) vivo Phones

If you’re hunting for older vivo models, check out our list of discontinued phones:

vivo V23e

vivo V23e

৳27,990 8/128 GB
vivo Y12A

vivo Y12A

৳12,990 3/32 GB
vivo Y15s

vivo Y15s

৳12,999 3/32 GB
vivo V21e

vivo V21e

৳26,990 8/128 GB
vivo V21

vivo V21

৳32,990 8/128 GB
vivo X60 Pro

vivo X60 Pro

৳69,990  12/256 GB
vivo Y1s

vivo Y1s

৳8,990 2/32 GB
vivo Y20G

vivo Y20G

৳17,990 6/128 GB

About vivo Phones in Bangladesh:

vivo Mobile

 Latest vivo Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024

vivo, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer under BBK Electronics, has rapidly expanded its global presence since its inception in 2009. The brand became the 5th largest smartphone vendor worldwide in 2017 and has been a top choice in China and India.
vivo’s impressive lineup includes innovative concept phones and flagship “V” series models, such as vivo X9, Y66, V7, V7+, V9, V11 Pro, and V15 Pro. Known for their cutting-edge selfie cameras, Vivo smartphones offer a winning combination of style and performance.
vivo has also ventured into the 5G market, providing competitive pricing for 5G smartphones. Their commitment to quality is evident in features like Vivo Flash Charge technology, ensuring exceptional battery life and rapid charging.

vivo Bangladesh: A Growing Presence

In late 2017, Vivo entered the Bangladeshi market with four initial models: Vivo Y53, Y65, V7, and V7+. Since then, they’ve expanded their presence with showrooms, authorized dealers, and service centers nationwide. As of 2019 Q4, Vivo claimed the 2nd highest market share in Bangladesh, boasting a network of:

  •  220+ offline brand stores
  • 3000+ official retail stores
  • 3000+ employee
  • 11 Office in Bangladesh
  • 12 Service Center & Growing

vivo Customer Care

(Sat-Thu 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM excluding public holidays)

People in Bangladesh choose Vivo for its stylish design, impressive camera capabilities, and reliable performance. However, Vivo should continue innovating and offering affordable, feature-rich smartphones to stay competitive in the Bangladeshi market.
vivo Unofficial smartphones have more great features, but you won’t have any official warranty, which is a disadvantage of these phones. You may find more information on our smartphone showroom page.

Stay Updated with vivo Mobiles

At MobileDor, we strive to inform you of the latest vivo smartphone prices in Bangladesh for 2024. Our database is regularly updated to provide official and unofficial prices, complete specifications, reviews, and ratings.

Lis of vivo New Phone Price in Bangladesh 2024

Here are the most recent additions to Vivo’s lineup:

vivo latest PhonePrice in Bangladesh
1. vivo Y27s ৳22,999 8|128 GB
2. vivo V29e৳36,999 8|256 GB
3. vivo Y17s৳14,499 4|128 GB
৳15,999 6|128 GB
4. vivo V29৳56,999 12|256 GB
5. vivo Y27৳20,999 6|128 GB
6. vivo Y02t৳12,999 4|64 GB
7. vivo Y36৳24,999 8|128 GB
8. vivo Y02A৳11,999 3|32 GB
9. vivo V27৳54,999 12|256 GB
10. vivo V27e৳34,999 8|256 GB

Updated on: February 2024

Vivo’s commitment to innovation and quality makes it a top choice for smartphone users in Bangladesh. Vivo continues to shine in the local market with various options for different budgets and needs.
Please note that prices may vary, and checking with authorized dealers for the latest offers is always a good idea.
For the most up-to-date information, visit our website regularly. We aim to provide the latest vivo mobile prices, ensuring you make informed purchasing decisions.

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