Robi SMS Pack Offer List

Robi is the second-largest telecom company in Bangladesh. People want to send text messages to their friends and family, especially at a festival. Here, we will write about the Robi SMS Pack Offer List 2024. You will know all the Robi SMS bundle packages on a single page. We always try to update this page as New offers arrive or any changes are made from the Robi website. You can activate the SMS pack by simply dialing the activation code.
So, let’s buy your desired package.
Robi SMS Pack Offer Bangladesh

N.B.: Currently, no package is available the list below is the previous offer.

Exclusive Robi SMS Pack to Any Operator

Price SMS Validity Active
Tk.5 180 30 Days *123*2*
Tk.5 500 1 DAY *123*
Tk.10 450 30 Days *123*2*
Tk.20 1,400 30 Days *123*2*

Dial *222*12# to check your SMS balance.

Robi International SMS Pack 2024:

Many Bangladeshi people live in America, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Kuwait, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bahrain, Malaysia, and more countries. So, Robi provides an International SMS bundle pack to send SMS from Bangladesh to their friends and family at a low cost. Check Robi International SMS Bundle Package Offer 2022 here.

Price SMS pack Validity Activation code
Tk.3 3 iSMS 1 Day *8666*
Tk.7 5 iSMS 3 Days *8666*
Tk.7 7 iSMS 2 Days *8666*
Tk.10 8 iSMS 5 Days *8666*

Dial *222*30# to know the International SMS balance and validity.

All Robi SMS Pack Offer 2024 List Details

SMS Pack Price Activation Code Network Validity
500 Tk.12 *123* Off-Net 1 Day
10 Tk.1 *123* Off-Net 1 Hr.
250 Tk.12 *123* On-Net 7 Days
100 Tk.5 *123* Off-Net 1 Day
200 Tk.10 *123* Off-Net 3 Days
400 Tk.10 *123* Off-Net 1 Day
20 SMS Tk. 3 *8666* On-Off Net 1 hour
350 SMS + 60 MB Tk. 15 *123* Any Net 3 days
500 Tk. 10 *123* Any Operator 30 days
500 Tk.12.18 *123* Postpaid 30 days
800 Tk.10 *123* On-Net 2 Days
900 Tk. 30.44 *8666* Any Operator 30 days
1000 Tk. 18.26 *123* Postpaid 30 days
1500 SMS Tk. 20 *123* Any Operator 30 days
1800 Tk.158 *8666* On-Net 28 Days

Robi SMS Bundle Combo Package offer 2024:

Price Combo Pack Validity Details Activation
Tk.5 100 SMS, 20MB 1 DAYS ANY *123*
Tk.15 350 SMS, 60MB 3 DAY ANY *123*
  • Only Robi prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Dial the Activation code to Get an SMS bundle offer
  • Dial *222*12# to check the SMS pack balance
  • You can enjoy this bundle pack more time.
  • You can check more SMS packs by dialing the code *123*6*5#
  • This pack is 24-hours usable.
  • A fixed price (S.D., VAT, included)

Here we try to update the latest information about the Robi SMS pack from Robi’s official website. But We do not guarantee that the information on our page is 100% accurate and up to date. To know about the latest SIM offer visit this page regularly or search on our website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below. We try our best to help you.
We try to provide updated information about Robi’s SMS package. We do not guarantee that the information on our page is 100% accurate and up to date. Please contact the local Robi customer care center for up-to-date information.

Last Updated on: May 2024

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