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Most people don’t know about the VAS Service Off Code. Value Added Service is a fantastic service from different SIM operators. But it sometimes annoys the customer as they don’t want all the benefits. Today, we want to share How to Stop All Value Added Services for All SIM operators in Bangladesh. Because mobile operator charges for this services without informing you.
We want to help all the customers with the procedure to stop all unwanted value-added services. We updated this post regularly. So, let’s start.

VAS Service Off Code Bangladesh

Unwanted VAS Service Off Code of All BD SIM

Operator’s Name VAS Stop Code(USSD)
Grameenphone *121*6*1#
Banglalink *121*7*1*2*1#
Airtel *9#
Robi *9#
Teletalk STOP ALL > 335
Skitto Follow Apps

Grameenphone unnecessary vas service stop code (017/013)

To stop all VAS Services of Grameenphone like Welcome Tune, Miss Call Alert, Call Block Service, Music Radio & GP Music, Dial *121*6*1# (free). That’s all. Your unwanted value-added services have been successfully canceled. If you want to stop specific services from Grameenphone, Type “STOP ALL” and send this SMS to the following Port/Short-codes.
To find out the Port/Shortcodes, please search your mobile message option where you receive the VAS service SMS alert. We give you a list of Ports/short codes below to find out quickly.
Another way to stop all VAS services is to call “121” and ask them to stop all VAS.

VAS Name Port/Short-codes.
Adbox Bangladesh 16265
BDNEWS24 22000
BINBIT 16261
DNS 27464
EBS 24636
Gakk Media 16235
MM service 29934/29933
Mobile Multimedia 22255/16251
Multi-Sourcing 23333/23355/16215
Mir Technologies 16258
SALE 26060/26161
Inforev 22345/22002
Live Technologies 28777
Live Entertainment 16316
SSL Wireless 22666/25959/16232
Symbiotic 16292
True & Workstation 23003
TTBC 22700

Banglalink all VAS service deactivate code? (019/014)

To stop unwanted Banglalink VAS, Dial *121*7*1*2*1# for FREE of cost.
After dialing the given USSD code within the next 24 hours, Banglalink will deactivate all your VAS services.
You may call the customer’s care number, “121,” to stop all services.

Airtel all VAS service off code (016)

The process of canceling all the value-added services of Robi and Airtel is almost the same.
Dial *9#to stop all value-added services. That’s simple.
You may call the customer’s care number, “121,” to stop all services.

Deactivate Robi all VAS service off code (018)

You can stop Robi value added (VAS) service by dialing *9# (Free)
Robi should deactivate your Robi sim’s VAS services within 24 hours after the request.
You may call the customer’s care number, “121,” to stop all services.

How to deactivate Teletalk’s value-added service? (015)

To deactivate all Teletalk value-added SMS services, go to the message option, Type “STOP ALL,” then send it to 335. That’s all.
You may call the customer’s care number, “121,” to stop all services.

VAS Service unsubscribe Skitto SIM (017/013)

You need Skitto apps to cancel their services. Just follow the instructions of the apps.
All the information in this post is collected from the official websites of GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, and Teletalk. We update all the code as soon as possible. Please comment below if you find any mistake or want to know more.
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